From optics experiments using electrons to the quantum simulation of solids with ultracold atoms, recent experimental and theoretical developments have revealed strong connections between atomic and solid state physics. In the spirit of the recently created DIM Ifraf/CNano and of the GDR “Physique mésoscopique” that are both striving to strengthen the links between the two communities, the Ecole Normale Supérieure will host, between July 17th and July 19th 2013, a workshop on the Frontiers between Atomic and Solid State Physics. It will be dedicated to the novel connections between these two fields and will gather European and French specialists of both domains who will cover the following topics:

  • Correlated systems
  • Matter waves with atoms and electrons
  • Topological Matter
  • Quantum information
  • Hybrid Systems

Orateurs confirmés:

O. Arcizet, A. Bramati,  E. Bocquillon, A. Browaeys, P. Bertet, D. Carpentier, R. Deblock, B. Douçot, C. Eichler, C. Flindt, S. Foelling, J. Fortagh, A. Georges, N. Goldman, D. Guéry-Odelin, R. Gerritsma, P.  Hakonen, A. Heidmann, V. Josse, B. Laburthe-Tolra, T. Meunier, L. Molenkamp, G. Montambaux, F. Portier, C. Proust, J. M. Raimond, J. Simonet, T. Uehlinger, F. Werner.


G. Fève, F. Chevy, B. Plaçais, F. Renia

Contact:  atomsolid [AT]



Date limite d'inscription:  10 Juin 2013

Date limite de dépôt des résumés des posters: 1er Juillet 2013

Date limite de paiement: 1er Juillet 2013



  • GDR Physique Quantique Mésoscopique
  • GDR Atomes Froids



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